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Student Podcasts

Stay up to date on the latest University of New Haven Student podcasts here!

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A Couple of Friends With No Class

Jason Kull and Friends

College can be a time to experience new things and step outside of your comfort zone. Listen as we explore a variety of topics and have a great time. Sit back, relax, and maybe learn something random along the way. Highlights include talking with students, club presidents, playwrights, the marching band, and more. Every episode is a new adventure!


Project can be found on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts


Who's That Band?

Bobby Huiskamp and Tyler Cocopard

Local, DIY music discovery show hosted by musicians for music lovers. Letting artists tell their stories, share their inspirations, and speal their mind. Tune in to hear the top picka of the featured artists and find out where to check them out.


Project can be found on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts

Behind The Bulletin

Carl Giannelli

WNHU's Carl Giannelli talks to various team members behind The Charger Bulletin, Charger Bulletin News, and 88.7 WNHU to give a face to those that make these University of New Haven media outlets work. and Spotify


Project can be found on Anchor and Spotify


Public Safety

Will Kateches

Looking at the background of each of the public safety teams and providing an understanding of how the public safety community is important in the community. Along with getting students perspectives.


Project can be found on Google and Youtube

Food Bubble

Allison Sammartano

Food Bubble Podcast is a food and nutrition podcast. As a Nutrition and Dietetics major, I use this platform to share my knowledge from classes and research with my listeners. I aim to help people understand food, its importance, create healthy habits, and debunk common fads. 

You can listen to Food Bubble on Spotify or Anchor.


Crime Bistro Podcast

Anna Dinino

Crime Bistro is a true crime podcast that examines the stories, forensics, and investigations surrounding each case we discuss. Every episode dives into a unique case and provides a comprehensive look at a fascinating mystery and all those involved. Gaze into the world of true crime and coffee tasting as you listen to each story, and join us for some entertainment and a great brew.

You can subscribe via SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or YouTube.

The Walden Watch, a Marine Invasive Species Podcast

Reginald Walden

The Walden Watch was created by Reginald Walden, a park ranger at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, and 2019 graduate of the University of New Haven, as part of his senior thesis. With a major in Marine Biology and a minor in Communication, Reggie used the emerging podcast medium to share his findings.

Produced in the WNHU studios, The Walden Watch combines history, storytelling and scientific research to explore all aspects of invasive species: what they are, how they spread, how they impact both the economy and the environment, and what you can do to help manage them.

Reggie was advised by Amy L. Carlile, Ph.D., an Associate Professor and Marine Biology Program Coordinator in the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, and Bruce Barber, a Connecticut radio veteran and Professional in Residence at the University.

You can subscribe to the Walden Watch on SoundCloud or visit the website.


Our Favorite Flick

Tiara Starks

My project is a game/talk podcast where myself and a guest bring two films from a specific genre of film to discuss and debate over. Afterwards, on social media, listeners are able to cast their vote for which film deserves to be that genre’s favorite flick. Our Favorite Flick is utilizing social media as a way to keep listeners engaged as part of the “game” aspect of the podcast. Fun facts for each of the films discussed are posted weekly as well.

Project can be found on Spotify and Anchor.

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